Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I publish my work in Sojourn?

  • You gain valuable experience with the publication process;
  • You can improve your writing and your work through peer-review;
  • You gain an audience for your work that is bigger than your teacher and classmates;
  • There are no costs to you as the author.

What kind of work is eligible for publication in Sojourn?

Any original scholarly work written in English by undergraduate students, such as:

  • Research reviews;
  • Report on empirical research;
  • Critical analysis of for, example, literature, film, art, current events;
  • Other scholarly texts produced within a course, internship or thesis project, or other independent study.

What are selection criteria?

  • Writing quality
  • Value of content
  • Style
  • Referencing

How should I prepare my work for submission to Sojourn?

  • Prepare the English-language manuscript in Word document format, maximum 6000 words
  • Follow guidelines in the Sojourn style sheet
  • Manuscript should be anonymized (e.g., authors’ names or other identifying information such as course for which a paper was originally written should not appear on title page or running heads)
  • Complete an author submission form for each submission

How do I submit?

  • Digital versions of the manuscript accompanied by the author submission form can be sent as attachments to See Sojourn style sheet.
  • Submissions received by 1 September will be considered for publication in the December issue; submissions received by 15 February will be considered for publication in the June issue.

How does the peer review process work at Sojourn?

  • Eligible submissions are sent to two referees with familiarity of the field, one being a student in an English taught program in the Netherlands, and the other a researcher or other expert in the relevant area (for example, a faculty member or alumnus of an English-taught program working in a relevant field); referees are anonymous.
  • Referees return their reviews to the editorial board for a decision about placement in the upcoming issue.
  • When notified of the decision of the editorial board, authors will receive the referee’s feedback.
  • Manuscripts accepted for publication will be returned to authors, possibly with minor editorial changes; authors are asked to accept these changes before final publication.

Review Process Timeline

Issue Author Submission Referee reviews Notification author Author response Publication
Fall September 1 October 15 November 15 December 15 December 30
Spring February 15 April 15 April 30 May 15 June 1